What Are The Differences Between the ABA Model Rules and the Louisiana Rules?

In this 45-minute video, Professor Dane S. Ciolino of the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law and the Louisiana Legal Ethics site discusses the principal differences between the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and the Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct. Some of the differences relate to controversial issues, while others concern more mundane, practical matters. Here are a few of the topics addressed in the video:

  • Sex with a client.
  • Handling funds paid in advance of legal services.
  • Communicating with a constituent of a represented organization.
  • Harassment and discrimination in the legal profession based on race, gender, gender identity, national origin, and other protected categories.
  • Reporting the professional misconduct of another lawyer.
  • Hiring a disbarred or suspended lawyer.
  • Screening to avoid imputation of conflicts when hiring a new lawyer.

The video is available at this link, and is embedded below.

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