Louisiana Lawyer Sanctioned for Comment About “Menopause”


Louisiana lawyer Camilo Salas was sanctioned by a federal district court for an “improper and personally offensive comment” made to defense counsel during a deposition. See Order, Cruz-Aponte v. Caribbean Pet. Corp., Civ. No. 09-2092 (D. P.R. Aug. 17, 2015). Halfway through a full-day deposition with sixteen lawyers present, Mr. Salas made the following remarks:

MR. NEVARES: The air conditioner works.

MS. MONSERRATE: I don’t know, but it’s hot in here.

MR. SALAS: Tienes calor todavía? [Your’re still warm?] You’re not getting menopause, I hope.

MS. MONSERRATE: That’s on the record.

Id. Salas contended that he made the comment “out of concern” for the lawyer’s “medical condition.” The court, however, “unequivocally reject[ed] Mr. Salas’s post hoc explanation,” and ordered him to pay Ms. Monserrate $1,000.00, and to complete a CLE course on professionalism.

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