Louisiana Lawyers May Complete Six Hours Of Their MCLE Classes Online in 2022

On February 11, 2022, the Louisiana Supreme Court issued an order allowing Louisiana lawyers to complete six hours of their mandatory continuing education hours for the 2022 calendar year on-line. See Louisiana Supreme Court Order (dated February 11, 2022). Pursuant to Louisiana Supreme Court Rule XXX, Section 3, Louisiana lawyers must attend a minimum of 12.5 hours of approved CLE classes each calendar year. See La. Supreme Court Rule, XXX § 3(a). Historically, the Louisiana Supreme Court permitted Louisiana lawyers to participate in on-line CLE classes, but the Court limited credit for on-line CLE classes to four hours annually. The Court’s order increased the permissible number of on-line classes from four hours to six hours. According to the Court’s February 11, 2022 order, Louisiana lawyers may satisfy their mandatory continuing legal education requirements for the 2022 calendar year by participating in 12.5 hours of approved CLE classes, of which six hours may be completed online.

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