Lawyer Creates False Profile to Harass Opposing Counsel

Illinois Lawyer Drew R. Quitschau created a false profile—and numerous other fake Internet accounts—in the name of his opposing counsel in a bizarre effort to stalk and harrass her. In answering a disciplinary complaint filed before the Illinois Attoreny Registration and Disciplinary Commission, Quitschau admitted to the following misconduct. See Answer to ComplaintIn re Drew R. Quitschau, IL Atty. Registration and Disciplinary Comm’n, No. 2017-PR-00084 (filed Aug. 28, 2017).

The respondent and Jane Doe were opposing counsel in dozens of family-law cases since 2003. In September 2016, Quitschau created a false online dating profile in Doe’s name and posted that she was separated, does not exercise, and that she liked NASCAR and pizza. He downloaded photographs from Doe’s law firm website and uploaded them to

In addition, Quitschau created unauthorized online registrations in Doe’s name for other organizations, including the Obesity Action Coalition, Pig International, and Diabetic Living. He also fabricated false reviews and negative, one-start ratings regarding Doe’s professional competence on,, and

Doe reported Quitschau to Illinois disciplinary authorities and obtained an emergency no-stalking/no-contact protective order against him. See Edith Brady-Lunny, No-Stalking Order vs. Lawyer Over Fake Dating Post (Feb. 16, 2017). Given that Quitschau has admitted to violating Illinois Rule 8.4(c), which prohibits conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation, the only issue in his disciplinary proceeding will be the imposition of an appropriate sanction for his unusual misconduct.