“Geauxjudge” Admits Lapse in Personal Judgment for Comments Posted on LSU Fan Site TigerDroppings.com



Louisiana has seen its share of controversy for online comments posted by public officials on blogs. Now it’s Arkansas’ turn. A judge in Little Rock is under fire for posting on LSU fan site Tigerdroppings.com comments that some have called “racist, sexist and otherwise inappropriate.” Here are a few:

Men have two needs. Feed me and f— me. Take care of both we will be good. Whichever one you don’t then the man will find. Women have need for security. So man take care of that and will be OK.

Having sex with a dog is “just a small step” from having “TGGLBS” sex.

Not surprisingly, the matter is under investigation by the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission. For the ABA’s reporting, see the ABAJournal.

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