Black is the New Black for Florida Judges

black-robeThe Supreme Court of Florida on September 10, 2015, adopted on its own motion a new rule governing judges’ attire. The rule is simple: “[d]uring any judicial proceeding, robes worn by a judge must be solid black with no embellishment.” See In re Amendments to the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, No. SC15-497 (Sep. 10, 2015). The rationale:

The public should not have to guess as to the meaning of different colored, patterned, or embellished robes. Promoting uniformity in judicial attire, by requiring all judges to wear unembellished, solid black robes, will no doubt avoid these concerns and promote public trust and confidence. The people of Florida have a right to expect equal justice every day, in every court in this state, and should not have to question whether equal justice is being dispensed based on the color of a judge’s robe.

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