ABA to Discuss New Standards Regarding Ethics Education in Law Schools

The ABA Section of Legal Education, Standards Review Committee will meet on January 8-9, 2010 to consider new standards for “Learning Outcomes” at ABA Accredited law schools. These proposed standards, if adopted, would require law schools to have an educational program that produces the following outcomes (among others):
  1. “proficiency as an entry level practitioner in . . . the ability to recognize and resolve ethical and other professional dilemmas”;
  2. “a sufficient depth and breadth of other professional skills that the law school identifies as necessary for effective, responsible and ethical participation in the legal profession”; and,
  3. “knowledge and understanding of . . . a lawyer’s ethical responsibilities as representatives of clients, officers of the courts, and public citizens responsible for the quality and availability of justice, . . . and  the legal profession’s values of justice, fairness, candor, honesty, integrity, professionalism, respect for diversity and respect for the rule of law.”
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