LSAT To No Longer Include Logic Games Section

The Law School Admission Council, which develops and administers the LSAT, announced on October 18, 2023, that it would eliminate the logic games section of the test beginning in August of 2024. The logic games section will be replaced with more of the logical reasoning questions, which are already a part of the LSAT.

The Law School Admission Council explained its decision as follows:

As you may recall, in 2019, LSAC entered into a settlement agreement with two blind individuals who asserted that the Analytical Reasoning section of the LSAT, commonly known as “logic games,” disadvantaged blind test takers because they could not draw or use diagrams to solve these questions. This concern was not shared by all blind test takers. Nevertheless, in order to address any concerns about diagramming, LSAC committed to research alternative methods for assessing analytical or deductive reasoning skills, as well as the extent to which those skills are assessed on other existing sections of the LSAT.

After extensive review of alternatives, LSAC has decided the best way to continue to assess students’ reasoning skills is through the addition of a second Logical Reasoning section to replace the existing logic games section.

See Susan Krinsky, “What to Expect Starting With the August 2024 LSAT” (Oct. 18, 2023).

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