Lawyer Disciplined for Multi-Tasking at CLE

The Supreme Court of Kansas disciplined a lawyer for making a “materially false statement” in reporting his attendance at an MCLE program. See In re Mathews, No. 120,924 (Ks. Sep. 27, 2019). The respondent claimed more than eight hours of CLE in a single day. His explaination to MCLE authorites? He viewed an “online on-demand CLE program offered by Lawline” while sitting in another, live CLE program.

Once caught, the respondent self-reported his conduct to disciplinary counsel. In so doing, he contended that he was “overconfident” in his “abilities to multitask.” See id. at 4. Finding, that the respondent engaged in conduct “involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation,” the court ordered that he “be censured and that the censure be published in the Kansas Reports.” Id. at 11.

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