LADB Hearing Committee Recommends Permanent Disbarment of Former Congressman William J. Jefferson

William Jefferson, Andrea JeffersonOn November 14, 2014, Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board Hearing Committee No. 22 recommended that the Louisiana Supreme Court permanently disbar former congressman William J. Jefferson. See In re William J. Jefferson, LADB No. 11-DB-116, Recommendation of Hearing Committee No. 22 (filed Nov. 14, 2014). Mr. Jefferson was convicted in federal court on August 5, 2009 on felony corruption charges, and sentenced to 13 years in prison. His crimes arose out of using his official position as a congressman to facilitate business deals in Africa for personal gain. Mr. Jefferson submitted a memorandum to the committee in which he argued that eight mitigating factors justified a sanction less than permanent disbarment. The committee was not persuaded:

[Mr. Jefferson’s] failure to adhere to his own personal accomplishments, maintain his reputation, the damage occasioned upon his constituents, as well as our profession, has resulted in immeasurable damage, destruction, and division among us all.


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