July 2016 Discipline


These lawyers were the subject of Louisiana Supreme Court disciplinary orders or Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board recommendations that were made public during the month of July 2016.

Louisiana Supreme Court

  1. Gerson Charles Martin. The court transferred the respondent to disability inactive status without stating reasons.

Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board

  1. Gregory F. Williams Sr. The Board recommended that the respondent be disbarred.  The respondent was an Assistant District Attorney who pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from an opposing criminal defense attorney in multiple DWI cases.
  2. Hugh E. McNeely. The Board recommended the respondent be adjudged guilty of additional violations warranting suspension if and when he applies for readmission to the practice of law. The respondent is currently not practicing law and has not applied for readmission. The respondent was suspended in 2012 for three-years, with all but one-year deferred, for neglect, failure to communicate, failure to return unearned fees, and failure to cooperate with ODC’s investigations.  He was charged by the ODC again in 2014 for signing pleadings that dismissed a client’s Workers’ Compensation claim without the client’s consent.  Further, the respondent failed to respond to the client’s repeated attempts to contact him.
  3. Anthony Hollis.  The Board recommended the respondent by adjudged guilty of additional misconduct to be considered if and when he applies for readmission to the practice of law.  The respondent was disbarred in 2014 for failing to provide competent representation to his clients, neglecting legal matters, failing to communicate with clients, engaging in the unauthorized practice of law, abandoning his law practice without protecting client interests, and failing to cooperate with an ODC investigation. The additional misconduct charged by the ODC in 2015 included neglect of a client’s cause of action, and failure to cooperate with an ODC investigation.
  4. Murray Salinas. The Board recommended that the respondent be disbarred and refund certain client funds. The ODC charged the respondent with eight separate counts of misconduct. The Board noted that the respondent engaged in a pattern of neglecting client matters and failing to return unearned fees for unsubstantial work on his client’s behalf.
  5. Vincent J. Desalvo. The Board ordered that the respondent be publicly reprimanded for improperly disbursing client funds out of his IOLTA account.  The respondent cooperated with the ODC investigation, and took full responsibility for the improper disbursements.

Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board Hearing Committees

  1. Mark Anthony Johnson. Hearing Committee #55 recommended the respondent be suspended from the practice of law for a minimum of one-year and one-day.  The respondent was charged with practicing law while ineligible, conviction of driving while intoxicated, and failure to cooperate with an ODC investigation.  The respondent was declared ineligible to practice law because he failed to maintain his annual continuing legal education credits, failed to file his annual registration form, failed to pay bar dues, failed to pay the disciplinary assessment, and failed to file his trust account disclosure statement.
  2. Janinne Latrell Gilbert. Hearing Committee #22 recommended the respondent be permanently disbarred and pay restitution. The respondent was charged with failing to timely file a petition, failing to respond to client requests, and failing to return the unearned portion of a fee.
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