February 2021 Discipline

These lawyers were the subject of Louisiana Supreme Court disciplinary orders or Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board recommendations published during the month of February 2021.

Louisiana Supreme Court

  1. Carl Binus Duke, Jr. The court suspended the respondent for two years. The respondent was arrested for two alcohol-related incidents.
  2. Kevin Michael Steel. The court transferred the respondent to disability inactive status and deferred disciplinary proceedings against the respondent until he resumes active status. The court issued no reasons for so doing.

Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board

  1. Kevin C. Schoenberger. The board recommended that the respondent be suspended for one year, fully deferred, accompanied by a concurrent two-year supervised probationary period. The respondent negligently handled his trust account. In so doing, the respondent violated Rule 1.15(a).

LADB Hearing Committee

  1. Nicholas A. Bellard. Hearing Committee #7 recommended that the respondent be adjudged responsible for several violations, to be considered in the event that the respondent applies for readmission. Respondent failed to cooperate with the ODC in several investigations, failed to act with diligence in the representation of clients, failed to communicate with clients, failed to return an unearned fee, failed to render an accounting, and knowingly violated the Rules. In so doing, respondent violated Rules 1.3, 1.4, 1.5(f)(5), 8.1(c), and 8.4(a).

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