video-iconLouisiana lawyers can get up to 4 hours of their annual MCLE requirement watching online videos, including one hour of required ethics and one hour of required professionalism. All of our videos have been approved for MCLE credit in Louisiana.

How The Process Works

  1. Select a video and click to pay by credit card (currently we charge $40/video).
  2. After you enter payment, your computer/mobile browser will redirect to a new page.
  3. Watch the video, download the written materials (optional), and fill out the questionnaire (to get your CLE credit).

Once you submit the questionnaire we’ll be immediately notified and enter your credit online to the MCLE website, usually within hours of your submission. The MCLE committee will typically take about 24-48 hours to post your credit. If you have more questions, scroll down to read the FAQ at the bottom of this page. (You can also email Ernie Svenson at, or call or text him at 504-202-0688).

Our Louisiana Online CLE Videos

PAPERLESS 101 (+ Ethics): An introduction to creating a paperless law practice, presented by legal ethics lawyer and Loyola law professor, Dane S. Ciolino, and lawyer Ernie Svenson. They explain how they set up their paperless law practices, with recommendations about which scanner to use, how to manage digital documents, and ethics issues.
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PAPERLESS 102: An extension of Paperless 101. Dane S. Ciolino and Ernie Svenson continue their explanation of how to create and maintain a paperless law practice, focusing on the use of PDFs, and case management tools.
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EMAIL EFFICIENCY (+ Professionalism): Dane S. Ciolino and Ernie Svenson offer practical tips on how to overcome email overload, and communicate better and more professionally using simple but powerful strategies and processes.
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CLOUD COMPUTING (+ Ethics): Dane S. Ciolino and Ernie Svenson discuss the practical use of cloud storage tools such as Dropbox, and Google mail. They explain what cloud computing is, and how it can be helpful for lawyers—especially solo and small firm lawyers. Professor Ciolino offers advice on how to avoid disciplinary problems while using cloud services.
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What Other Lawyers Say About Our CLE Videos

  • Great way to get CLE credits! Jeff Richardson
  • It was convenient to be able to rewind and pause the video, which enabled me to listen to portions a second time. Brian Ballay
  • I got practical solutions to the email explosion we’re all experiencing. Tony Gelderman
  • I found this very useful! Brian Hightower


Will watching this video change my life?
Not likely. But our goal is to create CLE videos that give practical advice on how to improve your law practice. We want you to be more efficient, save money, do a better job for your clients, and encounter less stress. If we succeed even in a small way, then we might change your law practice. And that’s good, right?

How do you verify that I watched the video?
Each video has a unique 4 digit code that will pop up for about 25 seconds during the video, and you have to record that code. When you finish watching the video you’ll fill out a questionnaire and give us your Louisiana Bar Roll Number, and the 4 digit code. That’s how we know you watched the video. Trust us, you won’t miss the code when it pops up. And you’ll find that our method is probably the most user-friendly one you’ve encountered when watching online CLE.

Do your seminars qualify for CLE in other states?
It depends on the other state. Many states will accept CLE credit from Louisiana approved programs like ours. It’s up to you to assess what you need to get your attendance here accredited elsewhere, but we will happily provide you with the Louisiana MCLE course number and any other information that is requested by the other state.

What if I have a problem viewing the video or completing the online questionnaire?
First of all, don’t panic because we can help whatever the problem is. Call Ernie Svenson at 504-202-0688 (or you can text him, since that’s his cell number). The problem could be on your end, or our end. But, we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you get your credit. We’ve never had a problem with getting attorneys the credit that they deserve in the four years we’ve been doing online videos.